Showing up each day to do my best, returning every phone call, always following through, even when it's hard. Consistency is the foundation of my professional practice. It's how I commit to my clients, and grow relationships built on mutual trust.


Real integrity is at the core of a lasting career. It is consistently doing what is right no matter what. It is building trust, and letting people know you have their back.


Journaling, meditating, lifting, and hiking make me a happier, stronger person with a greater capacity to give. This is how I fill my tank and perform in every aspect of life.


Wealth management is the career I was meant for. Every aspect aligns with who I am. I am a protector, managing my clients assets with a huge sense of responsibility. I am a teacher, empowering clients with what they need to do in order to succeed and helping them realize the power to change their future in a really meaningful way.

About Me

After 10 years working as the financial advisor at a local financial institution, the pandemic and the stresses that came with it acted as a catalyst to redefine my life and career. As a
single parent, family is incredibly important as is my obligation to help my clients. I have created a business model that allows me to work with my clients on a much deeper level, as I feel I was always meant to do, as well as spend more time with my children.

I live in Sunderland Vermont with my two children, Tai and Eloise. We are deeply routed in this community and honored to help others here find financial freedom.
There are plenty of things to stress about these days, money shouldn’t be one of them.

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